Young Free and Coupled Podcast
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3 years ago

Crying over... laundry

Hey guys, thanks for joining us again! Today we discuss our week in general, and its been hectic! Somehow Meika managed to have a middle aged child, and Issa is baffled by this. There's more talk about the pregnancy, especially swollen feet and how {not} to massage them. Issa fills you in on how crusty work is... and we compare our youngest to that one person you know that's ALWAYS on a mission, except with more baby drama involved. Oh yeah, and there's a TINY ;-) issue involving washing duties in the household...!!! Shout out to for the intro music All our contacts: Click here to send us a Whatsapp audio or text message or it's +447397227541 Email: [email protected] Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Tell your friends we are on these platforms: Itunes:…ast/id1240965300 Stitcher: TuneIn:…Podcast-p1002346/ Plus we are on Google Play Music