After death...Life goes on

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Today we talk about life after death. More to do with what we hope and actually leave behind. Do people respect our last wishes or are our representations/ legacies slowly chipped away at? Plus life insurance and whether we can really be sure that our loved ones left behind will be looked after. As always we get to the root of these issues and if we don't know... we say it!!! Parts of this episode will also be on YouTube so why not go over there via the link below, subscribe and tell us what you think in the comments section? It would be a great way to show your support and encourage us further. If you want to see how we look, or how we look talking at a camera then: Shout out to for the intro music. All our contacts: Email: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: #YFCPod to continue the conversation on social media
Feb 26, 2018